Johnetta Anderson is an international poet, teaching artist, and professor whose recent course at the School of the Art Institute focuses on Black Feminism and Hip Hop. Johnetta uses poetry as a tool for social justice in the classroom. Her work with youth has allowed her to partner with many organizations nationally as well as internationally. She received a Bachelor of Arts in 2016 from Chicago State University and a Master of Fine Arts from the School of the Art Institute Chicago in 2018. Besides working with youth from disadvantaged neighborhoods, Johnetta produces events that create space for urban communities to have access to art and arts education. She has worked with many artists in Chicagoland and abroad. Today, Johnetta works as a Studio Program Manager and Professor of English.

Independent Projects


All Things BLK (ATB) is an interactive podcast hosted bi-weekly on all social media platforms. It features conversations about BLK life – politics, dating, arts, race-relation, education, gender inequality and oppression, etc. ATB can be viewed on Facebook’s livestream (awthentik thepoet) and Instagram (awthentikpoetrychicago). The purpose of this broadcast is to continue crucial conversations and create solutions. As a conversationalist, this podcast brings young intellectuals together to dissect societal issues in public forum.

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All Things Blk: An Interactive Podcast streaming on all social media platforms & Livestream


The Artist Lounge open mic is a platform that allows artists of any medium to showcase their work. This event celebrates Black culture and connects art with surrounding communities. The sole purpose of the Artist Lounge Open mic is to create space for dialogue and art appreciation.

The Artist Lounge Chicago

(This show has been discontinued until further notice)

Writing & Social Justice Programs for Youth

The Write program

The Write Program Provides teenagers of color an opportunity to learn event planning, youth empowerment, and performance poetry. Students participate in a paid 7-week program addressing issues such as youth violence, police brutality, and other social problems affecting all people of color.

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Black Feminism & Hip Hop: A Study of the Woman Emcee

Hip-Hop is one of America’s thriving music genres. For decades Hip-Hop has had great influence on popular culture and is quickly becoming a popular topic in academia. Popular rap stars such as Jay Z, Lil Wayne, Tupac, etc have become household names with their rags to riches narratives, but what about the women in Hip-Hop?

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